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Related article: Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 00:51:25 EDT From: Subject: Chance and Brian Chapter 16Disclaimer: I do not know or do I care about the sexual orientation of the BSB..what they do behind closed doors is only there business. This story is not to reflect anyones life, living dead or otherwise..If you are under age or in a state that doesnt allow this kind of material then please refrain from reading this.******I hope you enjoy this chapter.I would like to thank a few peeps for always being there for me..Paula--- your child models usenet my bud my best friend... i love you to pieces.Jayce--- thanks for being cool and always sending me email of support and smart ass comments.. i love em.. Zeca... thanks for the encouragement and the maxwel teen model funny emails. keep it real buddy.. and keep writing.and to everyone who emails me.. thank you very much it is very much appreciated. Chapter 16 *************************************************** I hugged him close and Said "Thank you Bri, that was very sweet.""I mean it with all my heart babe." he said as he leaned down and kissed me."Tig can I ask you a serious question?""Of course you can, what is it.. are you ok?""Sweetie I am more than ok.. but ummm... can you get up my legs are falling asleep." I said smiling at him.He laughed and said "Oh god im sorry I guess I just didnt want to leave you.. or your embrace.""I love you too Tig."He pulled out of me and rolled over onto his side.. I laid my legs down on the bed and said "Yeah that is much better.. kinda lonely but much better." I reached over and pulled the condom off of him and got up and went into the bathroom and discarded it. I walked back into the room and grabbed the towel and gently cleaned him up.He rolled over onto his back and said "Chance this has to be the best night of my life... I love you more than I could ever say or show."I laid down next to him and said "Brian I feel the same way about you.. always and forever sweetie."He rolled over onto his side so that we were face to face with each other and gently kissed me on the lips ucranian models and said "Can I stay here in Seattle with you?"I looked at him with complete confusion, shock and in awe that he would even suggest this or even want this and Said "Brian.. I would love nothing more, but you and I both know that you cannot do tgp topless models that.. you guys are currently on tour.. you live in Florida.. everything with BSB is based out of Florida you said that yourself. Dont get me wrong I would love to have you here with me every night, however I cannot see that happening anytime soon."He laid back down and said "But it could... sooner than thai model photo you think.""How is that possible Brian, you guys still have how many more months of touring?" I asked "Atleast six" he replied. "Well then how can you say it could happen sooner?""Because I have been thinking about getting out of BSB, and now that we have found each other Im positive that I dont want to leave you.""But Brian you love singing and touring, you love the music, how could you just say that you would give that up.. and give it up for me. Brian I love you with all my heart and like I said I would love nothing more than to have you here with me.. but I will not let you give up something that you truly love for me.. I will not let you do that." I said as I started crying and added "Brian dont you guys have a contract that you signed?? im not sure how all that works but its usually for a time period or for so many records, am I correct or am I wrong?""Your correct, topless female models im sorry baby I didnt mean to upset you.. I just want us to be together.""So do I Brian.... more than you could ever know.. ucranian models but I will not sit and watch you walk away from BSB... I would walk away before I watch you give up your passion, or give up your passion for me." I got off the bed and walked to the bathroom and shut the door and started crying harder. I couldnt believe he would even consider doing that for me.. I child models usenet sat down on the toilet and sobbed.. I heard Brian call for me while he knocked on the door.. I didnt say anything.. I then heard youth nude models the door open and he said "Baby, is it ok if I come in?"I sobbed out "Yeah"He walked over and kneeled down in front of me and said "Chance I am so sorry I upset you.. Please dont cry, I thought that by me telling you how I felt and feel would make you happy." He hugged me and said "Please dont cry.. Chance I love you and dont want to lose you.. and im afraid that if I go back on tour and you stay here we will lose that. So I thought if I stopped touring then we wouldnt have to worry about that."I reached up and hugged him back and said "Brian it does make me happy that you would be willing to do that, and that you love me that much, but you would just end up hating cuties nude model me and blaming me because you would be giving up something that you hold dear to your heart. There couldnt be any other outcome other than model 80 pistol you feeling that way towards me."He pulled back a little and lifted my chin and said "Ok so not touring and leaving the BSB is out.. so how are we going to make this work then?""Bri... we will take it day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year. That is the only thing that we can do. Not to say that I wont come see you and that you cant come and see me.. or we could meet in the middle for a little get together." I said snickering."Hmmm I like your thinking, but young models 2 then again I like everything about you. Chance stay right here ok.. I will be right back.""Ok" I said confused. he stood up and opened the bathroom door and voyuer teen models walked out. I waited in the bathroom fresh girl models as he asked.. He came walking back in with boxers on now.. and kneeled back down in front of me jaye teen model and said "Chance you know how much I love you.. Ive known it since the first night we met, and I dont ever want to loose you.. Chance.... I am asking you to take this a step further with me." I saw him reach down and pick something up.. as he continued.. he said " Chance Archer I love you with fusker model all my heart always and forever... Will you be my Fiancé and then be my husband.. will you marry me."I sat there shocked as he opened the velvet box to reveal the ring.. it was silver, thats about the only thing I could tell before the tears started falling again.I sat there staring at Brian trying to figure out how to get out of this situation. Dont get me wrong I love Brian and he knows that, but I am not sure im ready to get married.. after all we have just been seeing each other for about a week. plus the big thing for me was is that he is already married. I sat there crying trying to figure out what I was going to do.. I never want to hurt Brian and I didnt plan on saying no.. but I cant do it yet.. I think we need to give the relationship time and get to know each other and then we can talk about marriage.I sobbed out "Brian you know how I feel about you.. I love you with all my heart.""I feel a but...... coming Chance"I looked away from him and said "But... I think its to early for us to be engaged. I need time..... dont take this as a no Brian because its not.. But I dont think that either of us is ready for a marriage commitment."You could see that Brian was getting ready to cry and he said "So your saying no??? your telling me no?""Brian your already married. I cannot except a proposal from you since your already married. Im sorry... if you werent married Brian I would have said yes the minute you asked me.. but I cannot say yes knowing you are married to Leighanne.He started crying and said "So your saying NO.""Brian I am not saying that.. im saying lets see what happens.. plus I feel like we are having an affair... I feel like your cheating on leighanne with me... and I dont want to feel that way.. God Bri I love you so much and I want to say yes so bad.. but I cant. not yet anyway."He got up and walked out of the bathroom and disappeared around the corner.. I sat there crying not sure what to do.. I had just hurt the one man that I young manila models knew could and does make me completly happy.. and I probably broke his heart.. I sat there crying for atleast five minutes when I heard brian talking to someone.. he came walking back into the bathroom and said "someone would like to talk to you." and handed me the phone and walked out of the bathroom art model erect before I could say anything."Hello" I said into the phone."Chance?""Yes this is he, Who is this?""Brian called me asking that I talk with you.. he told me what he was planning on doing tonight. He called me because you said NO to his proposal, shiny models tgp because he is married to me. Chance please believe bianca model net me when I say this.. the marriage Brian and I have is completly made up, I know Brian is gay.. and that he is completly head over heals for you.. he asked you to marry him tonight because he truly, deeply loves you.. young manila models with all that he is, so please believe me when I say this.. Brian and I have never been together and we never will. We plan on announcing an annulment within the next six months.. I will be out of the picture then, so please dont let this stand in the way of yours and Brians happiness. What Brian and I have isnt real Chance. But what you two have is very real, please dont throw away what you have with Brian.""He called you because of this?""Yes he did Chance, he wont let you go.. he loves you very much. and he will not take NO for your answer.""I thank you for taking the time to talk to me Leighanne. I appreciate your honestly.""Your more than welcome Chance, you go talk to nn models blue Brian and I will talk to hot model screensaver you guys later.""Thanks again Leighanne ""Your welcome Chance. Goodbye and go talk with Brian.""I will... Bye Leighanne"I shut the phone off and sat there trying to figure out how I was going to fix this. I got up and walked out of the bathroom. I walked over to the desk and sat Brians cell phone on it .. I walked further into the room to find Brian laying on the bed watching T.V. I walked over and sat down beside him and said "Can perfect model ass we talk?""No, I really dont want to talk right now Chance.""Are you serious?""Yes I am... I dont feel like talking right now.""Fine." I stood up and walked over and pulled on my boxers. I then went over to my bag and pulled out a pair of sweats and pulled them on and then grabbed a t-shirt and slipped it on. I threw on a pair of socks and slipped on my birks and headed for the door. I grabbed my card key off the desk and said " I will be back in a while."Brian jumped off the bed and came over to me and said "Where are you going?""Brian I am going for a walk. I will be back in a little while. I need to work out my thoughts.""Chance its 2:15 in the morning... I dont want you to go out by yourself at this hour.""Brian I will be fine." I said as I walked over to the topless female models door.He walked over to me as I opened the door and said "Please Chance dont go out this late at night by yourself.""Brian I need to think .. OK.... I need to figure out what I want, and I cant do that here.. stuck in this room.""Then let me come with you.""That is not an option Brian.. you and I both know it.""Well ok.. then let me call security and have models exotic galleries them go with you.""No, I need to be by myself, I will be back in a little while Brian." and with that I opened the door completely and walked out and down to the elevators. I turned and looked as I was getting onto the elevator to see Brian standing outside the room watching me. I rode the elevator down to the lobby and walked out the front doors into the cold night air.I turned left and just started walking. I couldnt believe that Brian asked me to marry him and then he called Leigh anne and had her talk to me. I knew he loved me... I had no doubt about that. I want to marry him god knows that I do.. but im really scared.. im scared of him being on the road all the time ucranian models and never seeing him.. I cant live like that I cant just sit and wait for him to come back to me, especially if we dont even live in the same city.I looked up at the sky and said "Please...GOD..... someone give me a sign.. model pantie young tell me what to do.. whats the right thing to do." I screamed.I heard a voice say "Do what your heart tells you."I turned around and said "Excuse me?" but there was no one there.. I turned back around and started walking again and heard "If you love me do whats right." I turned again and saw Brian standing less than five feet from me."I dont know whats right Brian." I yelled as I started crying again. "I just dont know.. god.... I love you so much.. but im not sure that I can give up ebony pussy model my life, my job and my stability.. I dont know if im ready for that.""Im not asking you too Chance, I would never do that.. im asking you to love me and let me love you back.. im asking you to ina teen model be mine from now until forever... I want us to spend the rest of our lives together... I never expected you to give up your life for me, im asking that you allow me to be a part of your life, let me make the hard decisions with you. Chance I love you with all that I am.. I want there to be a tomorrow, next week and next year for us, but I dont see that happening if we dont make a commitment to each other."I stood in the same spot just staring at young viatnamese model him. I couldnt believe that he could have such an effect on me. As I approached him he noticed the wetness on my face from the tears that I was crying. and said "Baby please dont cry.. I love you.......all I want is for us to be together."I walked closer to him and wiped away the tear that was running down his face and said "I love you so much Brian and I will always and forever. Can we go back to the hotel im sure I look like a complete tard standing here crying. ""Of course we can, lets go." He said as he hugged me. we turned around and started back towards the hotel."Chance... you dont have to give me an answer right now...... take some time to think about it.. OK?""Thanks Bri, I appreciate that.... but I already know what my answer is, I will tell you when we get back to the room... if thats ok.""Thats fine with me Babe."We entered the lobby of the hotel and walked over to the elevator and Brian pushed the button, once the elevator arrived we stepped in and I pushed the button for floor 21 I turned around to Brian and Said "Thank you for coming after me Tig.. im glad you did.""So am I Chance.. we needed to talk.. I dont know why I just didnt talk to you in the hotel but I guess I was still angry. Plus... I didnt want you out by yourself this late." he said grinning at me.I walked up and wrapped my adolescents erotic models arms around him and kissed him on the lips and said " Will you be mine always and forever?""Of course I will.. always and forever.""So this is through the good, the bad and the ugly times right?"He said "Yes, for the rest of our lives.""If this happens... I cant move for awhile Brian.. mom and I just signed another years lease.. I cant leave her to try and pay that herself, plus I wont leave mom and grandma out here by themselves, and my job.. Brian I love my job.. I have to work to pay my bills I cannot pay my bills if im not working.""Chance... we can pay off your bills.. young viatnamese model and lets not worry about you moving right away.. we can wait awhile.. like I said before, we can see each other as much as possible. I will fly here and you can fly to meet us, Or maybe you should think about taking a few weeks vacation and come on the road with us.""Brian.... I can do that.. I can put in for the time hot model screensaver off and get it, but I would have to wait about a month.""Babe, I dont care when it is, just as long as your with me."The elevator dinged for the 21st floor and we both stepped out at the same time.Brian looked around and Said "I wonder where security is?"I looked around and said "Im not sure.. do they guard you guys 24-7?""Yes they are suppose to be posted at the elevator around the clock to prevent any fans from gaining access to the floor.""Well maybe he had to take a leak. Im sure he will be back in a few minutes. Did you female figure models want to wait for him?""Yeah I think we should." He said with a concerned look on his face.Thats fine with me sweetie." I said as I leaned against the wall. I heard a door close, so I walked into the middle of the hallway to see who it was. I really didnt know that many people with BSB so I wasnt sure if he was an Employee or not.. so I said "Bri... does this guy look familiar??"He stepped out and said "No... well.. I dont know, yeah I guess he does kinda look familiar."I stepped futher into the hall and said " This floor is closed you need to leave immediately!"He reached into his pocket and started to pull something out.. I took a step closer to Brian and said "I dont like this.""Neither do I Chance"I walked over and pushed the down button for the elevator, and walked back over and stood next to Brian. As the guy approached us I saw what he had in his hand and it wasnt a love letter, it was a gun. I leaned over to Brian and said "As soon as the elevator gets here you get in it and get the hell outta here.""Im not leaving you Chance, we go together, or I dont go at all."Brian Please.. You get on that elevator as soon as it opens!""But Chance." and that is where the conversation was cut off as a bullet flew by us. I pushed Brian up against the wall and said" Get in the elevator as soon as it gets here!.. dont argue with me."I heard the ding of the elevator, the elevator doors started to open I practically threw Brian in the elevator.. I heard another shot and felt it rip through my side.. at this point I was on auto pilot, and I had so much adrenaline running through my body I hardly felt it.I turned and looked at the person shooting at me.. and saw the cold hatred in his eyes.. at that moment I realized where I had seen him before. I slumped against the wall like I was really hurt and waited for him to approach me. When he got close enough to me I lunged at him and grabbed the gun with my left hand trying to keep it away from my body. He swung around a hit me in the side, I slightly bent over from the pain and raised back up and elbowed him on the side of the head, he stumbled back a few steps which gave me enough time to hit him squarely in the face with my fist, and throw him to the floor .. we rolled around for what seemed like hours until I was on top of him with his arms above his head. He screamed that he was going to kill me if that was the last thing he would ever do.. he said something about how I had fucked up his life and got him fired from his job.. he screamed I have never been to jail until today.. and that was because of me. I looked down at him and realized I couldnt do much more since I was becoming light headed.. I looked at him again and said "Goodnight" and head butted him as hard as I could. I saw the light flicker out of his eyes and his hands go limp as I pulled the gun out of his hands and crawled away.. I sat against the wall and waited for help to arrive.I heard someone yell "Chance! OH MY GOD watch out !!!!" as I turned and looked, I saw the guy who shot me.. he was about five feet from me with a knife in his hands, the hatred in his eyes was enough to chill you to the bone... as he walked closer I raised the gun and fired and watched as he hit the floor and didnt move again. I heard fusker model Nick Scream.. "Someone call the police and an ambulance!!! Chance has been shot!!!!!!!!!!"I heard the naked pakitani models elevator ding as the doors started opening I looked database model example up and saw Brian come running over to me."Oh my god Chance, are you ok... oh my god tell me your ok.. please talk to me.""Brian im fine really.. could you make sure Nates ok.. please..... oh and call my mom.. she can come and get nate.""Nates fine Baby.. and yes I will call your mom."Nick came running down the hall and said "The police and an ambulance is on the way.""Thanks Nick.. I appreciate that." I said.."Brian?""Yes Babe?" Brian said chocking back tears, you could hear the strain ina teen model in his voice.I looked up and into his eyes and said " I love you Tig... and my answer to your question is .....yes..... yes.... I will marry you." the last thing I remember is doubling over from the pain and staring at Brian as he became dimmer and dimmer as I passed out. *************************************************** Ok thats the end of chapter 16Please everyone let me know what you think........... please email me at thanksTnerb
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